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It is a long title... but there is a lot to pack in! Here is a like new Schilke P5-4 BGMA Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet. BG stands for the Butler/Geyer option, with 1st slide saddle and 3rd valve ring added for intonation adjustments.What's special about this specific Schilke is that it was built with the optional short 4th slide after Maurice Andre (MA option), to drop the pitch down to G instead of down a 4th. We have ordered a new short valve slide from Schilke that will be here in no time, but just check out the condiiton of this piccolo! The Schilke has not been played much at all and there are barely any marks on the piccolo. Brand new it goes for $3900+ plus the extra MA option so this is a steal for our price!


$3500 + Shipping

Or Best Offer

Schilke P5-4BGMA Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet