Here is a rare Selmer Balanced Bb trumpet! The trumpet has been through at least one older restoration before it got to us and most of the engravings were buffed off, so we don't really know about the age or model of the trumpet. The 2nd valve slide measures at .459" so we assume this is a 24A. The valves still have quite decent compression and there are some pops when you pull the slides. The trumpet is in pretty good condition, other than a couple patches on the bell bow and the body. The trumpet still has the original quick change A/Bb rod, and most of the original lacquer. The bell and bell bow are relacquered, assuming from previous dent and patch work. This is a very decent player still and a cheap trumpet for a collector who wants a Louis Armstrong trumpet!

This trumpet is part of the Jimmy Taylor Collection.


$800 + Shipping

Selmer 24A Balanced Trumpet