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Here is a ultra rare Selmer Paris 59SBLF Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet in silver! This .414" bore piccolo is the Guy Tuvron model. This is a like new instrument with no silver loss or dents, other than some resolder marks on the 4th valve slide! The valves are in absolutely stunning shape and and works flawlessly! The piccolo comes with a factory 3rd valve slide trigger, a Bb and A tuning slide in trumpet shank and also a special whole tone 4th valve slide! The fourth below 4th slide can be removed and be replaced with a whole tone down to still get the low F, but without the added weight. Hence, the piccolo is more nimble and balanced with that option! Selmer only made this piccolo model for a handful of years priced at close to $5000, so grab this one while it lasts! Comes with original case.


$2500 + Shipping

Or Best Offer

Selmer Paris 59SBLF Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet