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Here is a super rare early 3-digit Shires 419 "Bilger" model C Trumpet! This trumpet is slightly used for only a couple years and has been sitting since. We resoldered the front leadpipe/bell brace and just shine up the rest up! The trumpet otherwise is in great shape and plays as well as it looks! Shires quality is always tiptop and this one is no exception. The notes pop and the trumpet can easily sing through an orchestra but as well suited in chamber and solo settings. Since this model is discontinued, you simply cannot find a new one! So if you have been looking for one, look no further! 


Here's what Shires says about the 419:

The S.E. Shires Model 419 trumpet is the product of a design collaboration with David Bilger, Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It features a uniquely balanced, heavyweight "4" bell taper, which combines a big, powerful sound with easy response. Matched with the open W1BH leadpipe and the centered and projecting WF tuning slide, it produces an ideal balance of breadth, clarity, depth and projection. Yellow-brass balusters add warmth to the sound while nickel-silver valve caps add brilliance and character, increase its core, and contribute to cleanness and immediacy of attack. The Model 419 is an incredible orchestral C trumpet.

419 Bell: 4 -inch, one-piece, hand-hammered, "4" (open) taper in balanced heavyweight yellow brass, with traditionally brazed seam and brass bead

W1BH Leadpipe: .351-inch venturi, standard-weight yellow brass; open and free-blowing, with easy response

WF Tuning slide: dual-radius bend, flanged braces, standard water key; centered core, brilliance, and presence of sound


$2700 + Shipping

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ON TRIAL Shires 419 "Bilger" Model C Trumpet