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TrumCor’s new Vintage-Tone mute for trumpet recalls the classic big band sound of the roaring 20’s. As with all Trumcor products, the Vintage-Tone is designed to be free blowing and in tune throughout the complete range of the trumpet. TrumCor has solved all of the quirkiness associated with the original Shastock Solo Tone mute. Our design compresses the air, speeds it up, and projects the tone for an exciting effect. A must for big band, Broadway shows, and the recording studio, TrumCor’s Vintage-Tone is quite possibly the most fun mute you will ever play!


TrumCor is celebrating the great Doc Severinsen with our new line of Doc-Ouflage mutes. Doc's flare for fashion has inspired this "Doc-approved" graphic design that utilizes automotive-quality paints and finishes to give your mute beauty and durability for many years to come.


Black: $90 + shipping

Doc-Ouflage: $110 + shipping

TrumCor Vintage Tone - Trumpet

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