This is a used Yamaha 9445NYSII-YM in great condition. This beauty has been tweaked by Wayne Tanabe! This is one heck of a horn!


The only thing that was not perfect with this horn were a few bell dents that were expertly repaired with some nicks on the inside of the bell.


From Yamaha:


The release of the second generation NY C trumpets lead to several meetings with the Boston Symphony Orchestra trumpet section. During these meetings it was determined that an alteration to the existing NY model C trumpet was necessary to take of advantage of the legendary acoustic properties of Boston's famed Symphony Hall. This lead to the development of the YM bell that features a slightly steeper flare than the YS bell of the NY model creating a sound that retained all of the power and projection of the YS bell but changed the way the clarity and purity of the trumpet sound is perceived in Symphony Hall. The effect of the YM bell was so dramatic that all 4 trumpet players in the BSO section have adopted this new trumpet design.


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Yamaha 9445NYSII-YM C Trumpet