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This is a rare factory custom Yamaha YTR-9830 "Long Model" Bb Piccolo Trumpet in gold plate! We cannot be certain if this is a real design, but by how most of the solder joints are untouched as well as the "Yamaha Custom" are engraved on the left side of the leadpipe, than the right side on the standard YTR-9830. We also assume the bell was damaged at one point (most probably due to the longer stance), hence the repairs and plating loss around the bell crook. There is an additional brace on the right side of the valve casing to place the thumb for better ergonomics. The piccolo plays very well in tune and with the longer design, it blows more open and less restrictive than the standard. If you want a superb playing Gold Plated piccolo trumpet without breaking the bank - here it is! It comes with 2 extra leadpipes (Bb and A) that doesn't fit all the way into the receiver, but can be cut down thus giving the option to play this in A as well!


$2750 + Shipping

Yamaha YTR-9830 "Long Model" Gold Plated Bb Piccolo Trumpet