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Pre-owned Yamaha YCR-2310 Bb Cornet


The Yamaha YCR-2310III cornet is a standard Bb model favored for its combination of durability, playability, and quality tone, making it an excellent choice for students and intermediate players. This model features a medium-large bore size of 0.459 inches and a bell diameter of 119mm (approximately 4-2/3 inches), which are designed to facilitate a smooth and light response with a warm tone. The bell and the leadpipe are made of yellow brass, contributing to the instrument's soft and rich sound quality.


The YCR-2310III incorporates several player-friendly features, such as a rounded leadpipe and an adjustable third valve trigger to accommodate different hand sizes, aiding in the development of proper playing techniques. The cornet also includes Monel pistons, known for their reliability and smooth action, enhancing the overall playability and durability of the instrument.


This instrument does not come with a case.

Yamaha YCR-2310 Cornet

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