Here is a superb Yamaha YTR-2335 Bb Trumpet. The YTR-2335 is labelled as Yamaha's student trumpet line, but it is not in anyway compromised under the famous Yamaha quality! This is also one that was made in Japan unlike the newer ones that are built in China, so everything is quite up to the standard. There are a couple spots of lacquer loss and dings and dents, but nothing damaging the playability and sound of this amazing trumpet! This Yamaha is perfect for a beginner student who wants a trumpet that can last them all the way up to college, or as a professional player's backup horn that can keep up with any professional line instruments! A brand new Chinese made YTR-2330 is priced over $1300 so this is quite the bargain! Comes with original case.


$475 + Shipping

Yamaha YTR-2335 Bb Trumpet


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