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Pre-owned Yamaha YTR-732 w/case


The Yamaha YTR-732 trumpet is a vintage instrument from the 1970s, celebrated for its quality and performance. It was developed in collaboration with Renold Schilke, making the YTR-732 a model inspired by the Schilke B7, featuring a "step bore" design. This design allows the bore of the trumpet to expand through the lead pipe, tuning slide and bow, and valve slide bows, making the instrument freer blowing with a large "A" type bell that is the largest among its kind, equivalent to the B7 model​​


The YTR-732 is part of Yamaha's early professional models, offering a light response and a warm, bright tone. It features a  5" two-piece yellow brass bell, a reverse tuning slide, and an .445" M  step bore. The finish is  silver-plated, and it  comes with a hard case. Manufactured in 1974, this model is known for its excellent response and tight valve compression, making it a rare find for collectors and musicians alike who value instruments from this era.


Condition: Compression is good and finish is in great condition

Yamaha YTR-732

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