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Instrument Services

These are some of the common services we provide to your instruments. Check out our other pages for more specific info on the processes of what each type of service does, such as the difference between needing a chem clean or a full restoration. If you have any questions on which is the correct process needed for your instrument, please do not hesitate to call us. You can find our contact information here.


  • Chemical cleaning

  • Dent removal

  • Valve repair

  • Soldering, buffing, and polishing

  • Appraisal of instrument value

  • Valve Rebuilding


  • Strip lacquer for improved response

  • Stress relief in braces

  • Rounded tuning slide crooks

  • Custom placement of rings and saddles


  • Precision valve alignment 

  • Annealing for improved response and pitch

  • Installation of bells and leadpipes

  • Amado water key installation

  • Cryogenic resonance enhancement


  • Thayer valve installation

  • Mouthpiece and leadpipe modification

  • Venturi removal and or replacement

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