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This is a new Agility Winds flugelhorn designed by Tempest.


From their website:


Lets face the facts; a Flugel-horn is all about the “Sound”. Tons of feature and benefits are fine for the professional that plays the flugelhorn daily; however for most musicians, a horn that sounds great- plays great and is affordable is a rare find. The .433′ bore provides a traditional sound and playability; a one piece hand-hammered 6 “diameter Gold Brass Bell responds quickly and produces a very warm, rich and full-bodied tone while still maintaining high standards with 3 lightening fast Monel Piston Valves. Additionally, the 3rd slide trigger is stable and very functional in any setting.


Asking $995 + Shipping

Agility Winds by Tempest Flugelhorn

Only 1 left in stock
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