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Common Services

We offer a wide range of repairs and modifications, no procedure too large or small. We can do everything from simple and quick corrections to lengthy and complex modifications up to complete restoration. Feel free to email us or call with any questions you may have about our services.


Below is a list of common services:

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Dent removal

  • Valve repair

  • Soldering, buffing, and polishing

  • Appraisal of instrument value

  • Valve Rebuilding

  • Precision valve alignment 

  • Annealing for improved response and pitch

  • Installation of bells and leadpipes

  • Amado water key installation

  • Cryogenic resonance enhancement

  • Strip lacquer for improved response

  • Stress relief in braces

  • Rounded tuning slide crooks

  • Custom placement of rings and saddles

  • Thayer valve installation

  • Mouthpiece and leadpipe modification

  • Venturi removal and or replacement

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