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For the most determined players, the B&S 3137 Challenger II trumpet is the next natural step towards elevating the Challenger Series. The Challenger II offers less resistance and gives the player the option to select their preferred lead pipe and bell flare combination thanks to a slightly altered lead pipe taper and bell design. This specific instrument specifications and listed below.




  • Key : Bb
  • Series : Challenger 2
  • Bore : .459" / 11,66 mm ML bore
  • Bell : 4.803" / 122 mm, #37 one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass
  • Valves : 3 top-sprung hand-lapped Monel pistons
  • Water keys : 2 lever-style, forged (main tuning and 3rd valve slide)
  • Features : Standard lead pipe, long screw stop on 3rd valve slide, thumb saddle for 1st valve slide, quiet felt valve cap in-lays, o-ring dampeners for 1st/3rd slides
  • Finish : Silver-plated


Condition: Excellent 

B & S Challenger II 3137/2

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