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This is a new demo trumpet Bach Commercial model. The Bach Stradivarius Series continues the legacy of the legendary master craftsman Vincent Bach. The LT190S1B combines new materials and processes with vintage design elements to produce a trumpet with amazing agility, quick response and easy performance in extreme registers with the signature Bach sound.


This trumpet features a .459-inch medium-large bore with a 5" lightweight commercial bronze bell with a French-style bell rim in Vincent Bach's first bell design - the #1, or "T" bell, plus a two-piece brass valve casing with bronze balusters. This commercial design is continued in the lightweight brass outer and lightweight nickel-silver inner slide tubing plus minimal bracing to allow maximum vibration. This horn includes a case and mouthpiece, along with two main tuning slides-one with a single radius and one with a "D" shape design.


Asking $3,750 + Shipping

Bach Stradivarius LT190S1B "Commercial"

Only 1 left in stock
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