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Introducing the Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 25 Cornet, a superb instrument renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and classic design. This cornet, known for its standard large bore size of .463", offers unparalleled responsiveness and a rich, full sound. The Model 25 is a testament to Vincent Bach's commitment to quality, delivering a blend of traditional design and modern playability.


The No. 25 bell is a standout feature, crafted to produce a warm, mellow tone typical of top-tier cornets. This makes the instrument ideal for both solo performances and ensemble playing. Its classic design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically designed for comfortable handling during extended playing sessions.


Whether you are an aspiring student or a seasoned professional, the Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 25 Cornet is a fantastic choice. Its large bore offers a great deal of control and flexibility, allowing for a wide range of musical expression.




  • Model: Vincent Bach Stradivarius, Model 25
  • Bore Size: Large, .463"
  • Bell: No. 25 bell
  • Design: Classic

Bach Stradivarius Model 25 Cornet

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