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Just in new silver-plated Blackburn C trumpet. It plays well. It has great response with a bright, and heavenly tone.


From Pickett Blackburn:

Built upon the storied MD19 bell design, the X2 was beautifully crafted with efficiency in mind. The 0.024” ambronze bell has a slightly quicker response and a livelier sound when pushed in the upper register than the previous X1, and X models. To complement the 0.020” ambronze bell, we use our popular 19-348 leadpipe configuration for an outstanding balance, and effortless feel to the horn.


Bore Size: 0.462"

Tuning Slide: Round (P)

Bell Wire: Steel

Plating: Silver


Asking $5,350 + shipping.

Blackburn X2 C Trumpet

Only 1 left in stock
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