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From Bob Reeves:


Handcrafted screw-rim cornet mouthpiece uniquely designed to get a flugelhorn type sound on a Bb or C trumpet. Useful in jazz bands and combos, churches, orchestras, and anywhere else a soft, dark sound is desired. 


C2J – Chorale to Jazz Mouthpiece

The first mouthpiece of its kind, designed by Bob Reeves in the early 1990s, the C2J will give your trumpet a warm, flugelhorn-like sound without the burden and playing issues common with doubling on flugelhorn.


For jazz combos and big band, the C2J is a great solution for students and pros alike when a mellow sound is needed but a flugelhorn is not available or difficult to use in the situation. As many of our customers have told us, why lug a second horn around to play four measures of long tones in a ballad when you can just plug in a C2J into your trumpet.


The C2J has been used in symphony halls around the world for offstage solos and soft, mellow passages. It has also been successfully used in major auditions to do the same.


The C2J is available with any of the Standard Reeves, Purviance, or Classical Series rims. You can also have us thread your rim and build a C2J to it.


Rim: 42 - 42/64", .656, 16.66mm, 3C Elkhart

Shape: Medium-round with a soft bite

Comparison: 42 rim is functionally similar to Bach Elkhart 3C & 6C, Bach 8C, 10B, and Schilke 14 rims.


Please contact us for information or pictures at 770-565-9949 or

Bob Reeves 42 C2J (Cornet)

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