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This is an incredible Butler JJ trombone in carbon fiber and gold plate. This was custom made for and owned by the trombonist for Usher, Will Williams.


Butler Trombones and it’s founder, David Butler, have become the go-to designer and builder of carbon fiber handslides and instruments in the world. Based in Texas, Butler Trombones feature a unique carbon fiber construction, allowing for incredibly lightweight and durable instruments that provide all of the sound and response of brass instruments. Their JJ model small bore tenor trombone, built as a tribute to the great JJ Johnson, features a .508” bore handslide (chrome-plated nickel silver inner slide, carbon fiber outer slide), an 8” carbon fiber bell in a classic King-style taper, a curved Williams-style hand brace and removable leadpipe.


Butler JJ .508 Trombone

Only 1 left in stock
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