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This is a wonderful Callet Studio Artist in silver plate. It has a couple minor wear spots, otherwise is excellent condition!


Comes with round and semi round tuning slides. Also has extra set of top and bottom valve caps, as pictured.


From Callet's website:

"Introduced in 2017, the Studio Artist .464 trumpet from Custom Trumpets was well received at the ITG conference!

This unique trumpet has a yellow brass .020" thickness one piece hand hammered bell similar to the "Jazz" bell with small changes made to the bell throat area and final flare.

This adds a special focus to the sound and along with the straight through .464 bore semi squared main tuning slide, and specially designed lead pipe creates a pristine pure trumpet sound suitable for many styles and requirements of the modern trumpeter.
An additional .460 main tuning slide is included and allows for the resistance and response to be tailored to virtually anyone.

Excellent response and slotting from low F# to double high C.
Includes a precision valve alignment with exclusive port balancing. Special micro-lap valve and slide fitting. Play testing by Lee Adams and tweaking by George Rawlin. Each trumpet receives several hours of refinements after the initial assembly!"


Asking $2,500 + shipping

Callet Studio Artist Bb Trumpet

Only 1 left in stock
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