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This a used CarolBrass CFL-6200-GSS BlackHawk flugelhorn showcases a striking black nickel finish. The valve caps, valve stems, finger buttons, and water keys are elegantly gold-plated, contrasting beautifully against the black body. Though the finish exhibits a small worn area on the valve casings, the instrument maintains a dignified appearance. It comes with a protective black leather-like hard shell case, complementing its refined aesthetic.





Key: Bb

Bore size: S (0.433"; 11.0mm)

Bell material: G (85% Gold brass), soldered wire rim

Bell size: S (Standard)

Bell thickness: S (0.040"; 1.0mm)

Bell diameter: 5.98"(152.0mm)

Finish: BG (black nickel and gold plated trim kit)

Lead pipe material: Yellow brass

Tuning slide material: Inner Yellow brass / Outer Nickel silver

3rd tuning slide with wooden trigger



Asking $1750 + shipping

CarolBrass CFL-6200-GSS-BG (Blackhawk)

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