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Pre-owned Chasons Hybrid Crossover Cups


From Chasons Music:


The famous Trombone-to-Trumpet Hybrid mouthpiece in pure silver plate over quality brass alloy.  For the musician that is versatile - a musician who loves playing both trumpet AND trombone, but hates the embouchure hassles of going back and forth to different rims.


The incredible Trombone mouthpiece top which makes the magic.  A low brass player can now crossover and double on a small brass instrument.  It has a very shallow cup (trumpet mouthpiece shallow.)  This cup comes in three rim sizes:  The original Bach 11-.994" is the standard medium sized rim.  We also offer a smaller Schilke 40B - .886" rim as well as a larger Bach 6 1/2 -1.000" rim.  The Wycliffe Gordon Hybrid piece has the 11 (medium) rim.


Chasons Hybrid Crossover Cups

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