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This is the Conn "Harry Glantz" model 14B C Trumpet with original lacquer! The lacquer is in great shape with about 90% intact, and have basically no any signs of major dent removal or other repairs. This one is made in 1934 (S/N 299xxx) which is earlier than what Christine quoted from the Conn Loyalist website ( The valves are in great shape and have awesome compression. Leadpipe has no signs of red rot! This is easily a one-of-a-kind trumpet especially in this shape! It plays really well, not just being an older trumpet, but functions well as a C trumpet, either in solo or chamber setting. You can take this piece of history home today!

The 14B "Glantz" was a #1½ bore, which is 0.459". It seems to resembles a short 22B New York Symphony of the time, except that the second valve slide is at a 90 degree angle in stead of the usual 45 degree angle towards the player. Mr. Glantz was Toscanini's first trumpet at the NBC Symphony. Here's what Conn said in 1937: Special C trumpet built for symphony work, used by Harry Glantz and other great symphony men.


$2000 + Shipping

Conn 14B "Harry Glantz" C Trumpet

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