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USED Conn 38A Victor Special Cornet 348688 w/case


From Conn Loyalist and ACB:


The Conn 38A Victor Special Cornet, produced between 1935 and 1941, is notable for its unique features and historical significance. It is distinguished by its nickel trim, bottom spring valves, and a #1½ (0.459") bore, which at the time was considered a "small" bore. The instrument's design includes an expanding bore for the main tuning slide, with the top tube measuring 0.438" and the bottom tube 0.458", and a bell size of 4 5/8". A patent for this instrument was applied for on October 4, 1937, under U.S. Patent number 2,146,967, highlighting innovations aimed at shortening the instrument without sacrificing tone quality by arranging the tuning slide in a complete loop. This design not only shortened the instrument's length but also facilitated quicker adjustment of the tuning slide.


The Conn Victor Special also features a special angle of taper in the bore, widening from a small mouthpipe to an unusually large throated bell, which was developed to offer a flexible scale and a rich, mellow tone. This design was intended to ensure good performance in both the upper and lower registers, a challenge for small bore instruments. Despite being free-blowing, it offers proper resistance for the desired "feel" during play. The instrument was designed with the input of some of the finest cornet soloists in America, making it a model praised for its quality and performance​


For those interested in vintage cornets, the Conn 38A Victor Special represents a blend of historical craftsmanship and innovative design, making it a collectible instrument for enthusiasts and players alike. Its characteristics reflect Conn's commitment to addressing the needs of musicians and advancing brass instrument design during that era.

Conn 38A Victor Special Cornet

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