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Pre-owned Getzen Eterna in Raw Brass


The Getzen Eterna 800 Series Cornet is engineered for a broad spectrum of musical genres, making it an ideal choice for performances in concerts, jazz ensembles, or brass bands. The core model, the 800 Eterna Bb Cornet, is notable for its adaptability, offering a range of customization options to suit the unique requirements of each player. This adaptability is further emphasized by its technical specs, which include a standard .460" bore size with an optional .464" bore, meticulously hand-lapped nickel silver slides, a mouthpipe crafted from gold brass, and a 4¾" yellow brass bell made from two pieces.


Condition: Instrument is in great playing condition.


Instrument can be fully polished for an extra fee.

Getzen Eterna 800 Cornet

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