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Pre-owned Getzen Eterna II 700 Trumpet


The Getzen 700S Eterna II trumpet is designed as an accessible, high-quality instrument suitable for intermediate-level players. It stands out for its easy response and adaptability across a variety of musical genres, making it a versatile choice for students and musicians involved in different types of bands. This trumpet features a bore size of .460 inches, which contributes to its clear and rich sound. Its construction includes hand-lapped gold brass slides and a leadpipe, along with a 4¾-inch two-piece yellow brass bell, enhancing its tonal quality. To aid in precise intonation, it is equipped with a first slide saddle and an adjustable third slide ring. Each trumpet is finished with a bright silver plate, adding to its visual appeal.


Condition: Very good condition

Getzen 700S Eterna II

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