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Pre-owned J. W. York Professional Cornet


The J.W. York Professional Cornet is a significant piece of musical history, crafted by J.W. York & Sons in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Production of this model began around 1903, a period when James Warren York, the founder, had established a reputable name in the manufacturing of brass instruments. James Warren York started his career as a cornet player before venturing into the repair and manufacture of instruments in 1884. The company underwent several name changes, initially being York & Son in 1887 to honor his first son, Charles E. York, and later York & Sons, reflecting the addition of his second son, Frank W. York, to the business. The Professional model cornet, known for its "long model" design, features three piston valves and a quick change slide on the bell side, and it was made of silver-plated brass. This model, with its distinctive craftsmanship, was produced between 1903 and 1921


Condition: Fair with wear to the plating on the first valve casing.

J.W. York Professional Cornet

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