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Piercing and bright, the sound of a straight mute is unmistakable. It’s perhaps the most widely used because of its ability to complement a host of musical styles—delivering an exciting tonal quality with near-perfect intonation. Lightweight and easy to use, Jo-Ral straight mutes are a favorite of trumpet players at every level and in any discipline, from classic jazz players to symphonic musicians.


Made of spun aluminum, Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight Mutes are designed and tested to perform evenly in all registers. Jo-Ral mutes also feature neoprene-enhanced composite cork pads that provide extra durability. The result is a more pliable cork that grips well and doesn’t dry out, become brittle or break off—so it lasts longer while easily accommodating fine adjustments for a perfect fit.


Aluminum: versatile

Brass: slightly warmer, almost dark

Copper: powerfully dark and rich


Aluminum: $50 + shipping

Brass: $55 + shipping

Copper: $60 + shipping

Jo-Ral Straight Mute - Trumpet

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