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New Lotus trumpet mouthpieces, generation 3!


*Important Information*
You will have to refresh the page to see the original rim size options after choosing a cup size.

Example: After you choose rim size 1 and then choose cup size S, you will have to refresh the page to be able to choose rim size 2 or 3.


From Lotus' website:


What's new about the Generation 3 mouthpieces?

  • Our new LOTUS Gold coating:  It is hypoallergenic, scratch resistant, and will not tarnish. The exact composition of the coating is a trade secret, but we guarantee the characteristics.


  • Based on data collected from LOTUS Artists and during many in-person testing sessions with customers, we have settled upon throat sizes and backbore tapers that best serve our customers. HC vs non-HC models have been eliminated and we now offer one model per cup.

  • ​The following cup sizes come default with our new "Marathon Rim" shape: M2, S, XS and XS2. The "Marathon Rim" was designed by LOTUS Trumpets engineer Nicolò Perina to be as comfortable and forgiving as possible for high-note playing. Adam Rapa changed his 2M2 and 3S to this new rim shape within a few notes of trying the prototypes. He says it it by far the most comfortable rim shape he's ever felt.

Prices are:


  • $179 for Brass

  • $199 Bronze/Nickel


Plus shipping

Lotus Trumpet Mouthpieces (Gen 3)

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