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Here is a relacquered 1968 (S/N 650xxx) Olds Super Bb Cornet in nice shape. The cornet has been refinished a while back with some imperfection underneath, but nevertheless still a looker! This Olds Super features a .460" bore, first slide adjustable saddle and a tone ring on the bell. The valves on this S-5 are Okay, the second and third still have some compression and the first valve is the weakest of them all. Lacquer is about 85% with the usual wear spots, and a couple more where dents have been taken out. It is a great cornet for jazz, the occasional player or an entry level collector's cornet! Comes with case.


Here's what Olds says about the S-5 Super in their 1966 catalog:

"The Olds reputation for professional quality was established on the Super model and this streamlined cornet offers a combination of restrained power and smooth, effortless response. Your ear will tell you - this is a custom crafted Olds in every sense of the word.

Lightning-fast valves, medium large bore, combination of polished brass and nickel-silver, first valve intonation adjustment, long model modern design, tone control band for that covered quality."


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Olds Super Bb Cornet

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