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Orion Musical Instruments is a company focused on providing high-quality, affordable musical instruments. Originating in North Texas, it was co-founded by Jeff, a former band director, and Erik Lifchez, initially under the name 'Musician Supply.' The brand was officially named Orion in 2014 and quickly established itself in the Texas market by 2015. Orion's development process is meticulous, involving extensive testing and feedback from band directors and professional players, ensuring each instrument's tone, quality, and craftsmanship meet high standards. Although they produce a full line of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, Orion's products are exclusively sold through authorized dealers, not online. The brand is also known for its customer service, offering a one-year free maintenance plan for their instruments. Orion gained national recognition when its Student Bassoon won "Best in Show" at the 2021 Summer NAMM Show, highlighting its commitment to excellence in the musical instrument industry. This specific pocket trumpet is in excellent condition with minimal wear to the lacquer.

Orion Pocket

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