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New Pickett Blackburn Trumpet Tops Standard Throat Size


*Important Information*
You will have to refresh the page to see the original rim size options after choosing material and a cup size.

Example: After you choose rim size 1 and then choose cup size CD, you will have to refresh the page to be able to choose rim size 2 or 3.


From Pickett Blackburn:

Experience the benefit of Pickett Brass mouthpiece tops with your backbore. Offered in silver and gold plating. Also available in Acrylic! With design consulting by world class trumpeter Vince DiMartino our rims and cups offer optimum flexibility & consistent, precise articulations. Choose your own width, depth, and throat sizes.

Cup descriptions:


SO - Deep symphonic bowl cup.

A - Deepest V cup option.

B - Traditional American style cornet V cup

BC - Dropped down C bowl cup. Offers a slightly darker sound profile

C - Traditional medium C cup

CD - Slightly shallower C cup

D - Traditional medium shallow D cup

Vm - Similar to D cup, but in a V cup variation

DE- Slightly deeper version of our E cup

E - Traditional shallow E cup

Shv - Similar to E cup, but in a V cup variaiton

Pickett Blackburn Trumpet Tops

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