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For sale is a superb Schilke S32HD Bb trumpet from their prestigious HD line. Crafted in the distinguished Schilke tradition, this trumpet boasts a broad and rich tone accompanied by impeccable intonation. Tailored for symphonic players, the ML and L bore options ensure both control and power, making it capable of projecting even the most delicate musical passages.



  • Key: B-flat
  • Bore: .460"
  • Bell: 4-7/8" yellow brass with #2 taper
  • Piston material: hand-lapped Monel
  • Slides: first valve slide thumb saddle, third valve slide ring
  • Leadpipe: reverse
  • Finish: silver plate




This particular trumpet is a demo model and is in immaculate condition. Included with the trumpet is a high-quality mouthpiece and a protective case. Elevate your performance with this Schilke S32HD Bb trumpet, where tradition meets innovation to deliver outstanding tone and versatility.

Schilke S32HD Series

Only 1 left in stock
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