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 New Schilke SC4-OT C trumpet


From Schilke:


Building upon the success of the first Soloiste Series models, the SC4-OT offers new options for bell, main tuning slide and bracing design built to the specification of Osamu Takahashi. These new design elements combine to provide a unique experience for the orchestral trumpet player.

Soloiste Series C Trumpets feature an exquisite bell engraving, adding an elegant touch to an elite series. These models each include a beautiful newly designed Soloiste Series double case & Symphony Series mouthpiece.




Soldered Bead w/ Steel Wire
.463” Large Bore
Soloiste Standard Leadpipe
1st slide ring & 3rd slide saddle
Elegant bell engraving
M3C Symphony Series Mouthpiece
Custom Soloiste Double Case

One-piece Yellow Brass HD Bell
#3 Bell Taper
Square Main Tuning Slide w/ Brace
Custom Designed Bell Engraving



Schilke SC4-OT

Only 1 left in stock
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