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New Schilke SB4-OT in silver plate! It plays evenly with a focused sound.



From Schilke:


Building upon the success of the first Soloiste Series models, the SB4-OT was developed working with Schilke Artist Osamu Takahashi. This model offers new options for bell, main tuning slide and bracing design. These new design elements combine to provide a unique experience for the orchestral trumpet player.


Standard Features:


One-piece, Hand-Hammered Yellow Brass HD Bell
#3 Bell Taper
Square Main Tuning Slide w/ Brace
Medium weight w/ HD bell

SB4-OT Models


All Soloiste Series Bb Trumpets come standard with a hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass bells are consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics.


Asking $4,425 + shipping

Schilke SB4-OT

Only 1 left in stock
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