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Pre-owned Taylor Chicago 46 II Standard in raw brass, comes with case


From Taylor:


The benchmark for what could be referred to as the heavy horn brigade.  It has the same internal tapers as the Chicago Lite so it is a comfortable easy responsive blow just like the Lite.  Unlike some trumpets purporting to be heavyweights, the Standard (and the Custom) are not regular horns dressed up with weights attached.  These are built from the outset with heavier gauge material, so the weight is where it should be, in the body and construction of the instrument.  In a nutshell… built properly and built to last.


The Standard has a bit more dynamic range and power over the Lite.  You can wind this thing up and it will never get brittle and course.  It will keep its thick core sound and just get louder.  One thing for sure, it will take however much ‘air’ you can throw at it.  This makes it a great choice for jazz quartet or quintet.  Sexy soft tones and this horn can be ‘punch in the face loud’ when you need to step on the volume pedal.


Condition: excellent

Taylor Chicago 46 II Standard

Only 1 left in stock
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