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Pre-owned Thane Standard Series Trumpet with Classic Bell in Silver Plate


From Thane:


All Standard Series trumpets, Bb or C models, are built with a one piece all brass casing with stainless steel valves hand lapped for a tight and smooth perfect fit. The slides are built from scratch to allow for perfect alignment and correct length and hand lapped to move with ease. The Standard leadpipe and tuning slide are built with the ease of playing and intonation in mind. Nothing too tight or too open so it allows any player to use these trumpets with whatever mouthpiece they are comfortable with. Truly a trumpet for everyone that can do it all.


Classic Bell - Similar to the standard all around Bach37 bell taper, these are the best all around bells for any and all playing. Works great for classical, lead, chamber, quintet, jazz, and just about anything you need a trumpet sound for.


Condition: Excellent

Thane Standard Series with Classic Bell in Silver

Only 1 left in stock
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