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Often called "the job saver", this mute is designed for soft, delicate, lyrical passages found so often in symphonic, wind ensemble and solo literature. Its velvet sound blends well with all instruments. Articulation is responsive and clear, even at the softest dynamic levels. Also available for E flat, Monette trumpets, and flugelhorns.


Special Edition: TrumCor Mutes has reached a milestone… We have made our 10,000th Trumpet Lyric mutes! In celebration of this, we are offering 100 Special Edition Lyric mutes as a special thanks to our customers for all the support over the years.


"The lighter, more distant sound of the Lyric mute make it ideal for exposed passages. My Lyric mute gets regular use on many different recordings. Many of my colleagues love this this mute as well."

— Wayne Bergeron


Regular: $75 + shipping

Special Edition: $90 + shipping

TrumCor Lyric Mute - Trumpet

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