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Each wood gives a very unique sound and feel. While trying them all is the best way to choose one (and many players will want two because of their unique qualities), the characteristics of each wood are:

TR-1 – Maple

Straight • A sparkling classic straight mute without the metallic sound of aluminum.
Cup • A dark, broad cup sound, good for symphonic and orchestral playing.


TR-2 – Walnut

Straight • Rich, warm overtones and its dark sound makes the Walnut a popular solo mute.
Cup • A nice mellow sound, perfect for intimate jazz club work.


TR-3 – Hickory

Straight • A very exciting sound with minimum effort. It sings out without having to “push it.”
Cup • A sound with a little more bite than the Walnut, but still with a nice resonant core.


TR-4 – Oak

Straight • A beautiful, subtle sound between Maple and Hickory, allowing very soft playing.
Cup • A nice warm cup sound with a little more projection.


TR-5 – Pine

Straight • A mellow sound perfect for small club work.
Cup • A resonant sound that can easily play at louder volumes without distorting.


TR-6 – Camphor

Straight • A very broad and mellow tone and one of the prettiest woods.
Cup • A pretty, sweet cup sound for lyrical playing.


TR-7 – Cedar

Straight • A clear, sweet sound, capable of the projection of a metal mute. Very versatile.
Cup • A beautifully resonant cup sound, perfect for solo work.

TR-8 – Wenge

Straight • A very present, strong sounding mute, perfect for articulated or bold passages.
Cup • A clear, resonant sound that falls between the Hickory and Cedar tones.

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Warburton Woody Trumpet Straight Mute

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